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Printing and design

S.C. Rotaprint S.R.L. is an important packaging manufacture, focused on the clients' needs, with an emphasis on new age design and professional services.

  • We give a great importance to the quality of our products and put the clients' satisfaction on the first place of our attention.
  • Rotaprint aswers to all the demands on the packaging market, through the complete variety of cardboard packaging.

Our customers in Europe

Laminated corrugated boxes

Laminated corrugated boxes are mainly used for heavier products, but which through the exceptional quality of the print and finish, it can provide a better promotion of the packed products.

Duplex cardboard boxes

Compact (duplex) cardboard boxes are suitable for packing one or more small sized products such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food products. Because of its coated layer, or layers, this type of cardboard is perfect for boxes that require a particular printing quality.

Corrugated cardboard boxes

  Corrugated cardboard boxes are among the most used packages due to its' advantages regarding packing, protection during transportation and storage..

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